About AK Web Design
One reason I started offering web design is because of the amount of scammers and con-artists that exist who will ask for thousands and not even give you a finished working product, ask me, I have several examples. But the most important reason is to support my family and progress my career/portfolio as the best freelance web designer in the area.

A critical factor that separates me from most other designers is my background. I've put many years in sales management at an 80% close ratio. I've owned or operated several small businesses built from the ground up in many different industries. Having said that, a website is only a website unless you market it correctly. With no targeted visitors, my beautiful design and your money is just wasted. Web marketing is not for the faint of heart, and I can navigate you through the treacherous waters and save you lots of time and money on things that don't work. My sales expertise coupled with superior technical knowledge have proven invaluable in creating intuitive highly marketable properly functioning websites.

Higher Education:
Associates of Applied Science & Bachelors of Science GPA:3.8

Programming Languages:
HTML - CSS - PHP - Javascript/JQuery - Flash AS3 - Ajax - MySQL Databases

Microsoft Office Professional - Full Adobe Creative Suite - Sony Vegas Pro - FL Studio - Various POS Software - Device Firmware - Database Management

Desktops PCs - Laptops - Tablets - Cell Phones - L.E.D. TVs - Plasma TVs - Projectors - Digital Optics - Modems - Routers - Switches - Hubs

Server Administration - Network Engineering - Router Configuration - Complicated Topologies - Network Security Specialist

Dedicated/Virtual Private Servers:
Apache - Web Host Manager - cPanel - Plesk - Server Setup and Configuration - Server Maintenance - Server Security

Content Management Systems (CMS):
Joomla - Wordpress - Drupal - phpBB

Business Management:
Business Owner (x4) - Regional Manager (x1) - Area Manager (x1) - Sales Manager (x3) - Shift Manager (x1)

Sales and Advertising:
80% Close Ratio - Google Adwords - Google Adsense - Search Engine Optimization - Social Networking & Profiles - Social Engineering - Advertising Campaigns - Email Marketing - Radio Ads - TV Ads - Direct Mailers - Branding - Print Media - Graphics - Logos - Posters - Flyers - Door Hangers - Business Cards - ID Badges

Certifications (Current & Expired):
Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) - A+ Net+ Security+ - CMA

Other Awards and Certificates:
Magna Cum Laude - Salesman of the Month - Website Top 100 and Top 50 Awards