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There’s no need to panic: if you’ve encountered a flat tire and do not have a spare tire in your car, we can easily solve your problem. We are dedicated to the best tire change and repair in Nashville and surrounding suburbs. Solutions provides responsive and effective 24 hour mobile tire change and repair in all of the Nashville area.



This kind of repair is commonly used in automotive repairs shops. Before deciding to patch a tire, there are some considerations to be made:

Is the thread the below is considered safe?

Would the patch be too close to a previous patch? Are more than two patches performed previously?
Is the puncture too close to the sidewall of the tire?
If none of the above are true, then a patch is performed by first removing the tire from the wheel, marking the location of the puncture. Then the surface is prepared using an angle grinder and the rubber cement is applied to the prepped area, applying the patch, and then pressing it onto the surface with a tire stitcher.

Alternative Patching

Generally considered safer, an alternate patch is a combination patch and plug. This patch is manufactured with a plug built into it, applying this patch is done very similarly to the way a regular patch is applied except with a few more steps. The additional steps include drilling a hole at the location of the puncture so the plug can be pulled through it, as well as cutting off the excess plug from the outside of the tire.

Tire Plug

A tire plug is able to be performed without removing the tire from the wheel. The puncture is removed from the damaged tire. Then, a plug coated in rubber cement is inserted with a handle.

While this method is more reliable than tire sealant alone, it is considered less reliable than patching but they do provide a quick and easy solution for novices.

Why do you get a flat tire?

Tires can leak air due to a variety of reasons. These include, but are not limited to: damage to the wheel itself, a damaged valve system, a puncture in the tire (which sometimes can be hard to find if the puncture didn't embed itself in the tire, which among other reasons can happen by running over a board with nails sticking out, for example) and improper installation of the tire, which could involve the bead of the tire being cut when installed with excessive force.