Designing a Living Room That Will Outlast Trends

Have you ever walked into a home with a sunken living room or shag carpet and felt like you were transported in time (and not in a good way)? Sometimes the trendiest design choices can turn into a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when trying to resell a home decades down the road.

Go-To Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Building your own custom home is thrilling for so many reasons. You get to build on your ideal plot of land, with exactly the house plan and features you’ve always wanted.

Working With Limitations on Your Lot

Sometimes the perfect location for your new home does not have ideal building conditions. For example, you might choose a neighborhood for its schools, tax rates, or other reasons, but the only lot you can purchase has size limitations.

Custom House Plans for Small Lots

Residential lots can come with plenty of challenges and quirks, such as steep slopes, rocky terrain, or just way too many trees.

What Are the Best New Home Features?

Building a new home gives you the opportunity to select the features and finishes that will surround you, potentially for a lifetime.

Expanding vs. Building a New Home: What’s Right for Me?

It happens all the time: For one reason or another, people simply outgrow their current homes.

Why a Custom Home Is Better Than Home Renovations

If you have decided that it’s time to upgrade to a home with more space, you might be weighing the options of adding an addition to your current home, purchasing an existing home that you can renovate, or building a new custom home.

4 Ways to Build an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

When you build a new custom home, you have the opportunity to get exactly what you want in terms of the kitchen layout, finishes, and other features that will surround you on a daily basis.

Introducing Adair Fully Custom Homes

Although we offer dozens of custom home floor plans to accommodate almost any type of family and lifestyle, many people like to start with their own vision and work with a professional to bring it to life.

Do I Need Land Before Finding a Custom Home Builder?

When you envision your ideal home, you may picture it on a couple acres overlooking a quiet bay or on a quiet property nestled at the base of a mountain ridge or on a large plot on the outskirts of a fast-growing city.