Tradelines & Authorized Users

What are authorized users (AUs)?

Authorized users are individuals who are authorized to make purchases on a credit card account. They will get a card issued in their name, and will be able to use that card at its' designated shopping locations as often as they'd like.

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How much money can a Cardholder make?

Cardholders can make anywhere from $25 to $250 for each person they add as an authorized user to their credit card, and each credit card has anywhere from 3 total available AU spots up to 10, meaning that on average they could make upwards of $1000 per month, PER CARD, depending on the credit limit and payment history of the card they hold. The smallest amount made by a Cardholder in 2013 was $2,800, and the highest paid Cardholder in our program made $78,000 for the year. The more cards a Cardholder has in our program, the higher the limit, and the longer the payment history, the more money they can make. In some situations, we will consider paying a higher premium for cards that have exceptionally high limits and age. Please speak with us for more information on these types of accounts.

What are the benefits of being an authorized user (AU)?

There are many benefits to being an authorized user. First and foremost, it will appear on your credit report as if that card is yours. In almost all cases you will inherit the entire credit history of that card on your credit report. For an example, if your mother adds you as an authorized user on her 14 year old credit card, you will have a 14 year old card on your credit report. The entry will look almost identical to hers. The only difference is the "Owner" or "Responsibility" label is "Authorized User" instead of "Individual" or "Joint". You could quickly boost your score hundreds of points being added as an authorized user on a few cards.

What are the potential risks to Cardholders?

Making money off your credit cards is extremely easy and it almost sounds too good to be true, but of course, as it is with anything of financial benefit, there is a risk. The only known risk to our Cardholders is the slight chance that the credit card company figures out that you, the Cardholder, are making money off of your credit card(s) and the credit card company may do one of two things: 1) close the credit card account, or 2) leave it open, but disallow the Cardholder to add any more authorized users to it. Over the last several years, Bryant Financial Services has become increasingly good at learning the trip hazards in the banks’ computer systems, and we are extremely good at avoiding them, which tends to keep our Cardholders’ credit card accounts free from repercussion. As an overall average, the first possibility only happens to about 15% of our credit cards, while the second situation happens to only about 5% of all of the credit cards in our program.

If a Cardholder is worried about the possibility of their credit card being closed by the bank, we suggest that they apply for a new credit card when they sign up for our program. If the card in our program is closed, the Cardholder will still have a credit card to use if they need to, and could potentially begin selling the new card in our program, as well.

The histories of credit card accounts that have been closed continue to be calculated into the credit score, even if the account is closed, prompting little to no effect on the Cardholders’ credit score/report. However, if the Cardholder is carrying revolving debt on other credit cards, and has an account closed, their “overall utilization ratio” will be impacted, which could lead to a lower credit score.

Either way, our current Cardholders unanimously agree that bimonthly cash flow is more valuable than simply having that one credit card. While replacing a credit card is easy, the cash you earn from Bryant Financial Services certainly is not.

Understanding the time frame for Authorized Users and Primary accounts to post to credit files.

Many people do not realize that it takes time for Authorize Users and Primary lines to show up on the someone's credit file. It is definitely not a quick fix unless you do the UCC Filing strategy (which can take only 7 business days to post to the file)

First and foremost, when you are added as an Authorized User, it can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks to show on your credit file, depending on when you were added as an Authorized user. Many resellers make sure that they add the users prior to the persons statement dates. THIS HOWEVER DOES NOT GUARANTEE that it will show on your credit file afterwards within the time frame stated by them.

American Express for example can take up to 90 days to post to Experian and Trans Union accounts.

But lenders are not legally required to report anything to the CRAs — also known as credit bureaus — and the frequency of reporting varies widely. Some creditors report changes in a customer’s account balance daily, some once a month and some less often.

Once one of the major CRAs receives information on an open credit account, it is responsible to update a person’s credit report as soon as possible. The three CRAs do not necessarily share information, however. And because of the variations in reporting frequency among creditors, some credit reports don’t get updated for months.

While lenders often supply information to the CRAs on a daily basis, that doesn't mean your account information is updated that frequently. “Lenders may have millions of customers and they don’t update all of their information at the same time. Many lenders report account information around the close of the customer’s billing cycle.It may take 45–75 days or so for updated information to appear on credit reports requested by you or a lender, due to the reporting process.

Can authorized users (AUs) change/see my account information?

No, they cannot. They cannot call customer service, request any information, change information, or do anything the account owner can. They are pretty much a stranger at that point to the credit card company. They cannot even request a 'new' card - the account owner must do that.

How are they able to match it to my report with only my name/birth date, etc?

In most cases (especially for department store cards) they will not ask for your social security number. They will however be able to match you from your meta personal information. This includes birth date, address, and name. Take for example asking to be placed on your mother's card as an authorized user. You have the same last name, are currently living or have lived at the same address at some point in your life, and your birth date matches. That is enough to make a solid match.

Interestingly enough you'll find that most matches don't even use the full social security number when making any report matches. Hence the sheer number of mis-matches that currently occur.

Who is eligible to become an authorized user (AU)?

Anyone is technically eligible to become an authorized user - however there are some exceptions. It is recommended that only spouses, family members, and friends living at the same address should perform this credit strategy. 10+ years ago, the authorized user credit boost could be done by anyone. Some unscrupulous individuals would sell the rights to be an authorized user, and because of that the credit bureaus at one point considered removing the boost completely.

They didn't follow through with that though, and are now only providing this benefit to individuals with an actual tie to one another. Spouses would have very similar information, as would family members, and close friends who live together would as well. Someone who you've never had any contact with, with no matching personal information would simply just not show up on your credit report and no benefits would be achieved.

"Piggybacking or Authorized User (AU)" tradelines:

"Piggybacking" or AU tradelines is a practice involving seasoned tradelines, sometimes called piggybacking, which uses a creditworthy borrower's accounts to improve the credit rating of an unrelated third party.

The creditworthy borrower adds the third party as an authorized user of his lines of credit, but does not actually provide the third party with materials (credit cards, account numbers, etc.) that would permit the third party to make charges against that account.

The benefit to the third party is an improvement in their personal credit rating—their credit score increases. However, this does not change their entire credit record, but merely increases their credit score as a result of the newly added tradeline. This may make the third party look like a better credit risk, and may improve the third party's access to new credit. However, a credit score is only one aspect of the lending process; that is, the borrower must pass all underwriting procedures, which include much more than the credit scores of the borrower.

Proponents' views: Those who support the concept of piggybacking would suggest, in response:

❋ Risk-based pricing, relying solely on credit scores, does not truly get at the fundamental "risk" of the applicant. So, the access to lower interest rates is not affected entirely by piggybacking.
❋ Credit scores are already artificially modified; that is, it is a made up system. There is no difference between adding an authorized user tradeline and opening a new account; they both affect your credit score.
❋ Federal law, specifically the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, provides for the addition of authorized user tradeline, without regard for the relationship between the parties.

FICO 8 and Piggybacking

Piggybacking is a tactic that credit repair services use to raise a consumer’s score simply by adding them as an authorized user on accounts in good standing. These accounts typically include long credit histories, high credit limits and relatively low balances—all factors that the FICO scoring model loves to see. The result: the consumer with bad (or no) credit suddenly reaps the benefits of “piggybacking” on someone else’s good credit. It sounds like an easy fix to a typically difficult problem—after all, it usually takes a lot of time and effort to build good credit. However, this fix won’t work for everyone.

Legitimate authorized users include spouses, parents and children; anyone who would have a legitimate relationship with the primary account holder and a reason to share access on their account. While FICO won’t release the details on how they determine a legitimate authorized user versus a piggy-backer, it’s not difficult for consumers themselves to come up with a few theories on how they weed them out. Given that FICO scores only consider information reported in your credit reports, they’re able to pinpoint whether or not the authorized user has a genuine relationship with the primary account holder. Maybe they evaluate and take into account the last names of the authorized user and the primary account holder, maybe they factor in previous and current addresses, or even possible flags that exclude cards with more than a certain number of authorized users—or possibly a combination of all the above. The last would catch the accounts that are hosting 5, 10, or even a 100 authorized users—which was actually taking place during the piggybacking heyday. The point is, you don’t have to be an analytic scientist or even know exactly ‘how’ they do it, just understanding from a very basic observation level that credit report data does give tell tale signs of piggybacking, it wouldn't be extremely difficult to weed out the folks trying to game the system.

According to FICO, FICO 8 is being used by more than 3,500 lenders and many more are in the process of adopting or completing their evaluation of the score. As far as big banks go, we know that Citi recently announced their adoption of FICO 8, and BofA is currently in the process of implementing the new, more predictive model. A vast majority of loans are conducted by the major banks but at this point, it’s unclear exactly which major banks are using the newer version because Citi and BofA are the only two to publicly share the details. And we may never know simply because banks typically do not actively share this information with the public.

While the adoption rate of FICO 8 may appear to be a slow process from a consumer perspective, it’s actually one of the quickest adoption rates in the history of the FICO scoring model. According to Craig Watts, public affairs director at FICO, “The lender adoption rate for FICO 8 Score has been faster than the adoption rate of any previously redeveloped FICO credit scoring model since the score was introduced in 1989. That’s particularly impressive now, during the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

FICO 8 scores are expected to provide up to twice the improvement in predictive power compared to FICO’s previous revisions to its FICO® scoring model. This improvement will increase the ability of lenders to reduce losses within current portfolios and to acquire more profitable new customers. The strongest improvements in risk prediction over current FICO scores are achieved in key consumer segments such as those opening new accounts or having prior derogatory information. In addition, this newest generation of FICO scores includes refinements to help lenders better evaluate consumers who are comparatively new to credit.

“Now the way is clear for lenders to upgrade and benefit from the improvements made to our newest version of the FICO Score” said Robert Duque-Ribeiro, vice president and general manager of Scoring for FICO. “Independent of which credit reporting agencies a lender works with, it will find in the FICO 8 score the superior quality in rank-ordering of risk and consistent scaling across the three agencies that have helped make the FICO score the industry standard in credit risk management. With this new version, lenders will benefit from the FICO 8 score’s increased predictive power to be able to make better decisions across the lifecycle. We encourage lenders to adopt the new score as soon as possible, and we have designed it to make their upgrade easy, with minimal operational adjustments required.”

To streamline lenders’ conversion to the FICO 8 score, the new model retains the same 300-850® scoring range, score reason codes, minimum scoring criteria, and inquiry treatment as previous versions of the score. In addition, FICO 8 helps lenders protect against authorized-user account ‘piggybacking’ by incorporating new patent-pending technology that materially reduces the potential score impact associated with the abuse of authorized user accounts. By considering authorized user accounts in score calculations, FICO 8 continues to support lenders’ abilities to comply with federal regulations. (This information is not intended to be legal advice; lenders are encouraged to check with their own legal counsel to determine how best to meet regulatory compliance requirements.)

So what does this tell us? It means that even though banks and lenders are gradually adopting the new model, there is a possibility that your lender has not yet migrated to the new score and may be using the previous version of the FICO model when making their lending decisions. And since the previous model doesn’t include the piggybacking fix, many consumers have no way of knowing whether or not this loophole strategy of gaming the system is even an option for them.

So, to reiterate, in answer to the question: Piggybacking to boost FICO scores: Does it still work? It does if the lender isn’t using the latest model—FICO 8.

Is this Legal?

According to lawyers familiar with the practice of piggybacking, as well as industry insiders, the act of paying someone to add another person to their existing credit card account is perfectly legal. You don’t have to take our word for it; just take a look at the RESEARCH.

Is this Ethical?

Considering the various ways banks and the credit card, credit scoring, and credit reporting industries have ensnared the American consumer in their web of control, it is hard to believe that using their system, and playing by their rules to place each of us in a more equitable financial position, is anything but ethical. Click the links below, and then decide for yourself.

Denver Business Journal – Lost Fees Will Hurt Banks (pdf)
PBS Video – The Card Game
USA Today – Anger at bank overdraft fees gets hotter, bigger and louder
PBS VIDEO – The Secret History of the Credit Card

Business model

❋ A company offering the piggybacking service maintains a network of creditworthy "card holders" or "vendors", those stand by ready to add strangers to their accounts as authorized users for a fee.
❋ A third party, looking to increase their credit score, contacts the company. The company offers a selected tradeline to the client and charges the client a fee per account.
❋ The client pays the fee (anywhere from $500.00 to $1,000.00 per tradeline).
❋ The company submits the order to the card holder.
❋ Once the tradeline reports, the company pay the card holder their fee (anywhere from $50.00 to $250.00 per authorized user) and the company keeps the remaining funds as revenue.

Bryant Financial Services AU Program

The Bryant Financial AU Program is the same as every other model above except that our goal is to get the client funded and we pay cardholders a percentage of the funding for each client:

❋ You can use 4 or 8 of your accounts to let clients become AUs on your accounts.
❋ You add the client to be funded as an AU on three of your cards.
❋ You then add the client on as joint on the 4th card.
❋ We wait for the accounts to post to their credit reports.
❋ Once all the lines post to the credit report, we take them to funding and you earn 1% of the entire funding. Takes up to 15 days after posting for funding and payout.
❋ For (4 AUs only) then the payout is .5% of the funding, when we have to find the Primary.
❋ You can do up to 4 of these with 8 registered accounts in a month.

How do we qualify someone to become a Cardholder?



A Cardholder must have at least one credit card with a perfect payment history (no late payments).


The credit card(s) must be at least 6 months old.


The Cardholder must always maintain a balance of less than 10% on their credit card(s).


A cardholder must be able to add someone to their card within 48 hours of email notification that they have a new client.

What types of credit cards is Bryant Financial Services looking for?

❋ AMEX all cards
❋ Citi Bank
❋ Barclays/Juniper Bank (US Airways/Frontier Airlines)
❋ Federal Credit Unions
❋ Capital One
❋ Bank of America

What is the required role for Cardholders?



Every credit card account in our program must be used regularly, but must always maintain a balance of less than 10% of the available credit card limit. Just use them to buy a tank of gas every couple months and pay the balance in full as soon as the bill comes in the mail. Something needs to be owed on the account at least once per month.


If a balance is over 10%, it must be paid down before the credit card’s reporting date, which is listed on your credit report with, and is not necessarily the due date of your payment. You can also transfer the balance to a new credit card.


Allow a small balance to report each month to ensure that your credit card company reports the activity as expected. If the credit card history for your account is not reported for an Authorized User that has been added to your account, then you do not get paid for that addition until and if it does.


All clients that will be used have signed and returned applications / contract, and we have validated their information to be accurate and true, our system will automatically send an email to the Cardholder with instructions on how to the client’s personal data (SSN, DOB, and name) on an email. We will send two clients for test runs for the first time. The Cardholder will then call their credit card Issuing Banks or go online, and add the client(s) as authorized user(s) to their credit card(s) no more than 48 hours later than receipt, but before each individual credit card’s reporting date and if participating in the Primary Tradeline Program call their credit card and add the user on as a Joint Applicant. Do NOT print the client’s sensitive information or copy it anywhere outside of the email, as doing so can create an unnecessary security risk.


Immediately following the addition of the AU to the credit card account, please reply to our email to let us know that the addition is complete.


Within 7-10 business days, the Issuing Bank will mail a physical credit card directly to the credit card’s billing address with the name of the client (Authorized User) and the account number on the front of the card. The Cardholder must fax or email a copy of the credit card with the authorized user name displayed, making certain to remove the 16 digit account number and 4 digit expiration date prior to sending. Verification with each client that the history for your credit cards have reported to their credit report and funding is applied for and received is required before payments are made to the Cardholder.


The Operations Manager will inform the Cardholder when they can remove an authorized user from the credit card, and will then send over new clients to be added, and the whole process starts all over again.

Primary Postings Proof


sample tradeline posting proof

sample tradeline posting proof

sample tradeline posting proof

sample tradeline posting proof

sample tradeline posting proof

Primary Tradelines:

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If you are interested in becoming a Cardholder, please fill out the form below or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855.336.3863 and let us know what cards you own that you would be interested in selling. Our company owner or Operations Manager will contact you directly within 24 hours.

After submitting the form or emailing us we will then send you forms to read through, sign, and return.

We will spend about 30-45 minutes on the phone educating you on how the system works, your responsibilities, and how you get paid.

Once you are comfortable and understand how the process works, we will add your credit card(s) to our list and start selling spots on it.

Try to be as accurate and detailed as possible

Tradelines & AU Terms & Conditions
By checking this box, I affirm that I have read and agree to Bryant Financial Services terms and conditions and the following statement: I further affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and correct. I further declare that I have read, understand and accept Bryant Financial Services business terms as published on their website.

ALL SALES FINAL - All sales are final and no refunds will be issued after purchases and / or your instant download link activated. If Bryant Financial Services deems it necessary to cancel your service or is unable to deliver your purchase for no fault of your own; only then will Bryant Financial Services issue a refund. Furthermore; There will be no refund issued for E-books once instant download link has been made available or emailed to purchaser after purchaser has made purchase. By making your purchase you are hear-by agreeing to this disclaimer.

This Agreement made and entered into this day between client And between BRYANT FINANCIAL SERVICES. Referred to as "Company, AFS or Broker". I hereby solicit BROKER and agree to pay a business creation and trade-line service to COMPANY as described herein below. ; USER AGREEMENT EIN, ITIN, DAB, CPN, TIN, AUTHORIZED USER, CREDIT BUREAU AND REPORTING:

1. This Agreement describes the terms and conditions under which my application is submitted. I certify that (I am at least 18 years) of age, and the information (I provided) to COMPANY in order to submit my applications is true and accurate. I understand that my signature at the end of this contract constitutes my acceptance of these account(s) in accordance with the statements and conditions listed within this agreement.

2. I understand that my information will be submitted by COMPANY to a willing party hereby referred to as "CARD COMPANY" I understand I am giving COMPANY permission to establish a personal business in my behalf. I also understand my personal information may be submitted to the Department of Treasury IRS Division for which i will be assigned either an ITIN, TIN, EIN, or in some cases a Validated SSN Number. If so; I understand the Department of Treasury IRS Division will issue this number to me. I understand and agree ALL FEES paid to AFS will be the only fee i will need to pay to AFS for this service. I do understand I may have additional fees related to the establishment of my personal business which i may have to pay the the state or county I reside, choose to do business, or where i may elect to incorporate.

2A. HOLD BRYANT FINANCIAL SERVICES HARMLESS AND INTENTION OF LEGAL INTENT! I understand and acknowledge; that in no way am I engaging or attempting to engage in FILE SEPARATION, and by signing this agreement, AFS' ONLY ROLE IS TO HELP ME OPEN A CREDIT PROFILE NUMBER WHICH WILL BE ATTACHED TO MY DBA FOR WHICH I PLAN TO USE FOR PERSONAL BUSINESS MATTERS FURTHERMORE, FOR PERSONAL BUSINESS MATTERS I DO PLAN TO USE CREDIT FOR THESE MATTERS AND IN NO WAY AM I ATTEMPTING TO CREATE A SITUATION OF FILE SEPARATION, BUT TO USE MY 'CREDIT PROFILE, DBA' LEGALLY! I AGREE \TO HOLD AFS HARMLESS; FOR THEY ARE ONLY PROCESSING MY BUSINESS PAPERWORK; AND SETTING UP MY BUSINESS DBA, UNDER WHICH ALL NECESSITIES APPLY! I UNDERSTAND (it is a federal crime to make any false statements on a loan or credit application... A credit repair company may advise you to do just that, but it is my statement by signing this contract AFS HAS NEVER INFORMED ME; NOR ADVISED ME; TO MAKE ANY FALSE STATEMENTS; ON ANY CREDIT; OR LOAN APPLICATION. It is a federal crime to misrepresent your Social Security number. It also is a federal crime to obtain an EIN from the IRS under false pretenses. IT IS MY STATEMENT I AM SETTING UP A BUSINESS TO PROMOTE MYSELF AND MY PERSONAL BUSINESS ENDEAVORS, FOR WHICH IS WHY I APPLIED FOR A DBA AND AN IRS EIN! Furthermore, you could be charged with mail or wire fraud if you use the mail or the telephone to apply for credit and provide false information. Worse yet, file segregation likely would constitute civil fraud under many state laws.) AFS HAS MADE THIS POINT 'VERY' CLEAR AND IN NO WAY AM I MAKING OR PLAN TO MAKE ANY FALSE STATEMENTS OR MISREPRESENTATION TO AFS OR ANY PERSPECTIVE CREDITOR. I AGREE TO HOLD AFS HARMLESS FOR I ONLY USED THEIR SERVICE TO ASSIST WITH PAPERWORK.

3. CREDIT BUREAU REPORTING: I understand that while most account(s) are created and setup within 7-14 DAYS I understand the process may take as long as 60 business days. I understand that in order to receive a refund I must provide a valid reason and submit it in writing no later than 5 business days after the start date of this contract! I understand I will forfeit my right to a refund after the passing of 5TH business day of the signing of this contract! Furthermore I understand I will not be eligible for a refund of any sort after THE DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY IRS DIVISION HAS ISSUED ME MY EIN, ITIN, EIN, CPN OR DBA NUMBER! I understand at the point i have received my EIN, ITIN, TIN, DBA OR CPN number from the IRS (which can be in the form of a EIN, ITIN, TIN, or Validated SSN) I would have at that point received three Credit/CPN E-Books Valued at $399.99 and My EIN, ITIN, EIN, DBA, TIN OR CPN Number Set Up By AFS! I UNDERSTAND I WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY SORT FROM AFS OR ANY OF ITS ASSIGNEES AND ANY CHARGE BACK ATTEMPT WILL BE DENIED; BECAUSE AFS HAS FULFILLED ITS CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS IN FULL AND HAVE PROVIDED ME PRODUCTS AND SERVICES VALUED WAY BEYOND MY FEE OF $------. I UNDERSTAND I AM ONLY ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND WITHIN (5) BUSINESS DAY FROM THE START OF THIS CONTRACT.

4. CREDIT REPAIR -VS- BUSINESS FORMATION SERVICES: I understand that I am entering and signing a contract for business formation or creation services! I fully understand this is not CREDIT REPAIR! I understand that from this point I am entering into a service for business formation AND NOT CREDIT REPAIR!


6. RETURNED AND NSF ACH PAYMENTS: In the event that my processing fee is returned due to insufficient funds, COMPANY may immediately attempt to collect the full amount by presenting my ACH authorization a second time to my original banking institution plus NSF fees. Any subsequent withdrawal attempts by COMPANY will not exceed the original processing fee or the monthly administration fee. Furthermore, I agree and understand that if The Company is unable to successfully process my electronic payment, the full amount of my obligation is not to exceed the total amount of the processing fees plus any late fees and NSF charges COMPANY will charge a fee of $25 for every NSF processed.

7. RIGHT TO RESCISSION: I understand that I have the right under federal law to cancel this contract for any reason without penalty within 3 business days from the date of this contract, and I understand that if I choose to exercise that right I will notify COMPANY in writing within the 3 business days from the date of this contract.

8 I. PRIMARY AND AUTHORIZED USER TRADE LINE AGREEMENT TO HOLD HARMLESS: Applicant promises to hold harmless Bryant Financial Services LLC; www.asberryfinancial.COM, its staff, and its subsidiaries or Company in the event that any third party servicing an existing account becomes suddenly unable to do so or ceases reporting. Applicant recognizes that transmission to the credit reporting agency is within the control of the finance companies involved but the timely reflection of that data on Applicant's credit report is not. Applicant promises not to hold Company responsible for any negative reporting that may occur as the result of an input error by WWW.LEGALCPN.COM or any of its assignees. Applicant understands that no specific credit result or score cannot be guaranteed by Company per Federal Trade Commission guidelines and is proceeding with the execution of this agreement under that premise. Applicant agrees that the agreement as set forth.

8 II. PRIMARY AND AUTHORIZED USER TRADE LINE CREDIT REPAIR AND CREDIT REPORTING: We DO NOT do credit repair and we do not perform any credit reporting activities. We only act as a referral source to vendors that do. We can outline several different services and programs that are offered by vendors that pass our due diligence processes and are identified as honest vendors doing positive things for the public. If you are interested in working with any of these vendors, we are happy to pass any request for assistance on to them on your behalf, but we cannot an will not guarantee their results, as we do not control the credit reporting process.

8 III. PRIMARY AND AUTHORIZED USER TRADE LINE (Release of Information/Age of Majority Statement): Applicant understands that third party affiliates, finance companies, and service providers may be given access to personal and confidential information as needed to render appropriate contracted services and hereby releases that information freely and with the understanding that Company will not be held responsible for any misuse of this information not specifically committed by Company. Applicant agrees to permit any necessary credit inquiry by Company or any third party or affiliate acting as an agent of company for rendering of services or evaluation of effectiveness of service. Applicant agrees that establishment of new accounts represents a legitimate permissible purpose as required by law to access credit reports. Applicant certifies that they are at least 18 years of age and/or have reached the age of majority in their respective state, and that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

8 IIII. PRIMARY AND AUTHORIZED USER TRADE LINE (Credit Mismanagement Clause): Applicant understands that applying for any new credit and/or allowing new negative items to appear on their credit reports could negate the benefit of the contracted service and that at any time a failure to manage credit as instructed by Company and its agents will permit Company to cancel this agreement and for Applicant to not be entitled to a refund.

8 V. PRIMARY AND AUTHORIZED USER TRADE LINE (Right to Cancel): Applicant may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation and will be entitled to a full refund at any time within (5) business day after the date on which this contract was signed, by submitting a signed and dated statement to the Company indicating a desire to cancel. All parties agree that the sole vested interest they have in this agreement is as expressed herein and that the agreement is fully understood as of its execution. Applicant realizes and agrees that this Agreement is fully transferable to any entity issuing credit or other accounts in his name. Additionally, Applicant certifies that he is the person represented below. By signing this service Agreement, Applicant consents and agrees to all the terms and conditions stated herein and understands that any breach of this Agreement will result in forfeiture of any fees paid. I understand if I decide to cancel this contract for any reason after the 3rd business day beyond the signing of this contract after the clients file 'HAS BEEN SUBMITTED FOR TRADE LINES,' as illustrated by company's disclosures after the first day of the new month beyond the previous month when the trade line(s) were purchased, the client may elect to cancel their service without penalty or recourse but I do acknowledge I will forfeit all fees paid for trade line service, because I do acknowledge COMPANY has invested great sums of money to have tradlines "PURCHASED," "SUBMITTED," and has spent great sums of money in manual labor to have Clients file set up for trade lines. By initialing and signing below I understand the parameters and risks associated with authorized and primary trade-lines.


This Authorized User Lease Agreement ("Agreement") is made the date entered above or at the time stamp/ shown when this agreement was sent as well as service was paid for, by and between: BRYANT FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC; OR ANY WEBSITE WHICH MAY BE OPERATED BY BRYANT FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC; FOR THE BROKER OF SEASONED AUTHORIZED USER TRADELINES, (A TENNESSEE BASED CORPORATION)whose address or principal place of business is WWW.BRYANTFINANCIAL.COM OR 750 OLD HICKORY BLVD, BLDG 2 SUITE 150 BRENTWOOD, TN. 37027, hereinafter referred to as "Broker"; and, Client , whose name and address of principal place of residence is listed above and below within this contract, hereinafter referred to as "Lessee".


1. In the United States, an individual's credit history is commonly scored using an algorithm created and used by the Fair Isaac Corporation. This credit scoring system is used nationwide and is known as a "FICO score." A FICO score can range from 300 to 850. Financial institutions commonly use a FICO score to determine if a person is an acceptable candidate for a loan or mortgage. Normally, a person with a high FICO score is presumed by most financial institutions to have a lower potential to default on a loan or mortgage. As such, a person with a high FICO score is more likely to receive a loan or mortgage from a financial institution.

2. Broker has access to one or more undisclosed private individuals ("Cardholder") who have been evaluated and received a FICO score based on the credit history of those private individuals. Each such Cardholder possesses a positive FICO credit score and has agreed to maintain a continually positive credit history on the accounts leased by Broker.

3. Each Cardholder possesses one or more credit card accounts that have the capability to add "authorized user positions" to those accounts. Broker has contracted with each of these Cardholders to allow Broker to add Lessee as an authorized user to one or more of Cardholder's credit card accounts, if Lessee meets all qualifying criteria and complies with all terms and conditions in this Agreement.

4. Broker desires to lease one or more authorized user positions on these credit card accounts to Lessee for a definite period of time.

5. Lessee desires to lease one or more authorized user positions through Broker on the credit card accounts of one or more Cardholders.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, promises, representations, and warranties contained in this Agreement, the parties hereto agree as follows:


1. Warranty of Credit Worthiness. Lessee warrants to Broker that Lessee has used due diligence best efforts to become credit worthy prior to submitting a written request to Broker to add Lessee's name as an authorized user on a credit card account accessible to Broker.

2. Personally Identifiable Information. Lessee shall submit to Broker all necessary personally identifiable information of Lessee to permit Broker to use its contractual relationships with one or more Cardholders so that they can attempt to add Lessee as an authorized user to one or more credit card accounts they own. At a minimum, the necessary personal information of Lessee shall include Lessee's full legal name, verifiable social security number, street address, and telephone number. Lessee understands that Broker will submit Lessee's personal information to a third-party verification system for the purpose of confirming the accuracy and legitimacy of that information, and by signing this Agreement Lessee authorizes the submission and verification attempt.

3. Payment. Lessee shall pay Broker for each authorized user position Lessee leases from a Cardholder through Broker, contemporaneous with Lessee's submission of Lessee's personal information to Broker. The total amount of the required payment and the authorized user positions Lessee wishes to lease are set forth on the attached Authorized User Lease Agreement Addendum (the "Addendum"). This payment shall be made to Broker's bank account, via the Broker's web site, or over the phone with the broker directly, through the use of the "Virtual Terminal" merchant credit card processing system via the web site. The payment shall be held in escrow by Broker until Broker receives confirmation that Lessee has been successfully added as an authorized user to the number of credit card accounts identified in the Addendum.

4. Disputed Credit Card Transactions. Prior to the filing of a dispute against a credit card transaction used to pay for services with Broker, Lessee agrees to make reasonable efforts to contact Broker for the purpose of resolving Lessee's dispute. If Lessee fails to do so, or if Lessee, after contacting Broker, files an unsubstantiated and/or fraudulent credit card dispute, Lessee agrees to reimburse Broker for any service or penalty fees charged to Broker in connection with the dispute. In addition, Lessee shall be held liable for the maximum amount of damages allowable by law. If Lessee fails to reimburse Broker for any service or penalty fees, Lessee's account will be reported to a collection agency. Furthermore, Broker reserves the right to report any and all unsubstantiated and/or fraudulent credit card disputes to law enforcement authorities and related financial agencies.

5. Confidentiality. Except as set forth in, or as needed to implement the terms of, this Agreement, all communications between Broker and Lessee, whether verbal, written, or otherwise, shall be confidential. Lessee shall not, during the term of this Agreement or after the termination of this Agreement, disclose any communications between Broker and Lessee to any third party, except with Broker's prior written consent. Furthermore, Lessee agrees to refrain from making any disparaging, slanderous, or defamatory statements, or any statement which can reasonably be construed as disparaging, slanderous, or defamatory, that may potentially result in harm to Broker's or its representatives' financial condition and/or reputation among the public at large. Violation of this provision shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement. This provision shall survive the termination of this agreement.

6. Assumption of Risk. Lessee understands and assumes the inherent security risks involved with the provision, delivery or transfer of Lessee's confidential information to Broker, regardless of the form of transmission. Although Broker will attempt in good faith to safeguard and protect Lessee's confidential and personally identifiable information, Broker cannot guarantee that this confidential information will not be stolen or accessed by an unauthorized third party. Accordingly, Lessee assumes all risk for any breach of confidentiality or security that may occur with respect to the sharing of Lessee's confidential information with Broker. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that any actual damage it suffers as a result of Broker's intentional or grossly negligent failure to safeguard and protect Lessee's confidential information shall be subject to the Limitation of Liability provision set forth in section B.8 below.

7. Duty to Disclose. Lessee is under a continuing duty to disclose to every potential grantor of credit at the time Lessee applies for credit from that grantor that (i) Lessee has been added as an authorized user to one or more credit card accounts of one or more Cardholders; and (ii) Lessee is not a direct family member of the Cardholder(s). Lessee assumes all liability of any kind if Lessee fails to disclose the above information to a potential grantor of credit. Lessee shall indemnify, save, and hold Broker harmless from all claims or damages of any kind that may be asserted against Broker by a potential credit grantor of Lessee because of an alleged failure by Lessee to comply with this provision.


1. Addition of Authorized User.

a. Upon receipt of Lessee's personal information and the payment of the total lease fee set forth in the Addendum, Broker shall use its best efforts to have Lessee added to one or more credit card accounts as an authorized user by the Cardholder(s). Lessee acknowledges that Broker must transmit certain of Lessee's personally identifiable information to Cardholder(s) for this purpose. Broker will use a secure, authorized web site or encrypted email to request that the Cardholder(s) add Lessee as an authorized user to one or more credit card accounts owned by Cardholder.

b. If a Cardholder is able to add Lessee to one or more credit card accounts, then Broker shall retain the lease payment specified in the Addendum for each authorized user position to which Lessee has been successfully added and provide email notification to Lessee that Lessee has been successfully added to one or more credit card accounts as an authorized user.

c. If the Cardholder is unable to add Lessee as an authorized user, Broker retains the right, in its discretion, to provide Lessee with access to an alternate credit card having age and/or credit limit characteristics that are substantially similar to the original card. If Broker is unable to do so, Broker shall return the lease payment to Lessee.

d. Should the credit card fail to report to the credit bureaus in the way anticipated by the Broker, Broker retains the right, in its discretion, to replace the originally leased credit card with an alternate credit card having age and/or credit limit characteristics that are substantially similar.

e. In the event that the Cardholder's account(s) on which Lessee is an authorized user reports to one or more of the three major credit bureaus as either closed or terminated, the parties acknowledge that each credit bureau determines whether the payment history for that closed or terminated credit card account will continue to be calculated into Lessee's credit score. If the credit limit for a closed or terminated credit card is not calculated into the score, it may reduce the benefit that a closed or terminated credit card has to the utilization ratio variable in the credit scoring model. If a credit card reports as closed or terminated prior to the expiration of the lease term, and if Lessee informs the Broker of such an event prior to the expiration of the lease term, the Broker retains the right, in its discretion, to replace the originally leased credit card for the balance of the lease term with an alternate credit card having age and/or credit limit characteristics that are substantially similar.

f. Broker requires that Cardholders agree that they will not create or maintain a balance on the credit card(s) to which Lessee is added as an authorized user that exceeds 20% of the credit limit. By signing this Agreement Lessee acknowledges and agrees that a balance may exist on the credit card account(s) to which Lessee is added as an authorized user.

2. Transmittal of Written Verification. If a Cardholder is able to successfully add Lessee as an authorized user to one or more credit card accounts, then Broker will send written verification of this addition to Lessee. This written verification will be made either by email or first class mail, postage prepaid, and is typically sent within seven (7) calendar days of Broker's receipt of notice from the Cardholder that Lessee has been added as an authorized user.

3. Sharing of the Personal Information of Lessee. "Personally identifiable information" includes, but is not limited to: the personal name, social security number, email address if any, street address, and telephone number if any, of Lessee; or, any other information or characteristics that could be used to identify Lessee. Broker shall not distribute, sell, or otherwise transfer to any third party (besides the Cardholder(s)) the personal information of Lessee without the prior written consent of Lessee. Broker shall not use the personal information of Lessee in any way except as authorized by this Agreement. Broker shall not retain the personal information of Lessee in any files or other recording medium of any kind for more than 90 days following the termination of this Agreement unless Lessee elects to extend or renew the lease term. Disclosure of the personal information of Lessee by Broker in violation of this provision constitutes a material breach of this agreement and is just cause for termination.

4. Refund. In addition to the refund authorized by B.1.c. of this Agreement, Broker shall refund to Lessee all monies it has received from Lessee if Broker receives verifiable written documentation from Lessee, as well as a legible copy of the Lessee's valid Social Security card containing the same Social Security Number submitted by Lessee through Lessee's secure web site, that the addition of Lessee as an authorized user on one or more credit card accounts does not appear on at least one (1) of Lessee's credit reports within sixty (60) calendar days following Lessee's actual addition to the account as an authorized user. Refunds will not be made if Lessee is unable to prove the validity of a Social Security Administration issued Social Security Number., and no refunds will be made except as set forth in this provision.

5. Termination for Cause.

a. If Broker becomes aware that Lessee has defaulted on a loan or mortgage agreement of any kind during the term of this Agreement, then Broker shall have the right to immediately terminate all authorized user positions of Lessee without prior oral or written notice to Lessee.

b. The use of illegitimate, fraudulent or unauthorized information to obtain credit services is immoral and possibly illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, Lessee's submission of an alternate Social Security Number, CPN, EIN or other similar information that is false, fraudulent or unauthorized. Broker shall have the right to immediately and without prior oral or written notice terminate this Agreement and all services upon discovery of any such use or submission by Lessee. Although broker may willing add seasoned tradeline to business credit in the form of ITIN, EIN, TIN, CPN, DBA, or any such number as this for business credit purposes; IN NO WAY, WILL BROKER WILL AGREE FOR LESSEE TO MIS-REPRESENT HIS OR HER REAL SSN! BROKER DOES NOT CONDONE OR SUPPORT ANY PERSON WHO MAY WILLING USE THEIR EIN, ITIN, TIN, CPN, DBA OR ANY NUMBER AS SUCH; TO BE USED IN PLACE OF A REAL SSN NUMBER IF REQUESTED ON A CREDIT APPLICATION. THE LESSEE AGREES TO HOLD BROKER HARMLESS IF HE OR SHE USES ANY NUMBER IN PLACE OF HIS OR HER OWN SSN; AND THE BROKER HOLDS THE OPTION TO IMMEDIATELY REMOVE HIM OR HER FROM THE AUTHORIZED USER ACCOUNT IF THE LESSEE VIOLATES THIS CONTRACT IN THIS MANNER!

c. No refund of any kind shall be made to Lessee for any monies paid by Lessee to Broker in the event of termination pursuant to this section.

6. Termination for Convenience. Broker may terminate this Agreement for its convenience upon seven (7) calendar days advance written notice to Lessee. This Agreement and all authorized user positions of Lessee then in effect shall terminate as of the date specified in the "Written Notice of Termination for Convenience." Broker will refund a pro rata share of the lease payment made by Lessee.


8. Limitation of Liability. The liability of Broker for any type of alleged damage claimed by Lessee because of an alleged material breach of this Agreement or any other action or omission by Broker, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall be limited to the lease amount paid by Lessee to Broker under this Agreement.


1. Term of Agreement. This Agreement shall become effective upon Broker's receipt of the Agreement signed by Lessee and shall remain in effect, unless terminated earlier, until the end of the lease term described in C.2 below. This Agreement may be renewed or extended only with the prior written and mutual consent of both parties to this Agreement.

2. Authorized User Position Lease Term. Unless renewed or extended by mutual agreement of the parties in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the lease term for any authorized user position shall expire sixty (60) calendar days from the date that Lessee was successfully added as an authorized user.


1. Authority to Act. Each party warrants to the other party that the party possesses actual legal authority to enter into this Agreement. Broker warrants to Lessee that Broker has taken all actions required by its procedures, by-laws, and/or applicable implementing laws to exercise that authority, and to lawfully authorize its undersigned signatory to execute this Agreement on its behalf.

2. Assignment. Lessee shall not assign any rights of Lessee nor delegate any duties of Lessee under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Broker.

3. Binding Effect. Except as otherwise provided for herein, this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon, the parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assigns.

4. Force Majeure. Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

5. Modification and Amendment. No modification of this Agreement shall be effective unless that modification is agreed to by both parties in writing. Any such written modification shall become an amendment to this Agreement and shall become effective as of the date set forth in that written amendment.

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